What is Company?

          Alysse Nicolle’s Company is a company of students who have a passion for the performing arts and want to dive into more in-depth training. It is for students who love dance and want to grow into deeper levels within this art form. Company is for those who wish to have many opportunities to perform and better themselves. Company is a group of students who through their training understand the importance of teamwork and encourage each other in a way that allows celebration for each individuals unique and God given identity.



Why the change? 

          Brian and I felt that there was going to be a transition within the studio this year, but at first, we didn’t know what it looked like. After much prayer and discussion, we felt this was the next step for us as a studio. We value the arts tremendously, and our vision for our students is to allow them to be exposed to the arts in a Christ-centered environment. One of our core values as a business is to keep life priorities in their proper place. We believe that our first priority is God, then family, then everything else and we strive to make this a priority concept within our scheduling, events, and activities. This is why we leave Wednesdays and weekends alone for family time and the opportunity for times of worship. Within this new schedule, it also has all our students done with classes during the week by 6:30pm. This allows all of our students the opportunity to spend time in the evening together as a family. This new way of doing things allows us to spend our time in the most efficient way. It also allows us to keep our other priorities in alignment. We believe this change will help teach our students where priorities lie as well as give them a great dance education filled with focus time to strengthen and grow them within the arts. We believe this will also bring greater friendships and unity amongst our students. I personally still have relationships with people I danced with when I was in elementary school. We believe this change will bring greater focus as a studio for everyone and create the greatest growth for our students while keeping life’s priorities in alignment.


What company would my child qualify for? 

          Here is a list of classes we have had this year and will explain what company your child would fit in. We do level based on age, but we also look at students individually and their personal technique in dance to place them accordingly.  We can always discuss where you would like your child and if you would like to do so please let us know! 


  • Tiny Tot Company - Joy of Dance & Pre-Ballet

  • Mini Company - Pre-Ballet, Beginner Hip Hop, Beginner Tap/Jazz, Ballet 1 

  • Junior Company - Ballet 2, all intermediate classes

  • Senior Company - Ballet 3 and 4, all advanced classes

Will you have dance on Wednesday’s or Weekends? 

          One of our core values as a studio to not hold any rehearsals or schedule any events on Sundays or Wednesdays. We want to encourage our families to spend time together as a family and have the opportunity to worship the Lord together. The only time there is a possibility to have a Saturday and Sunday booked is because of the schedule a competition/convention creates, or regional performances. Schedules created by competitions and conventions we have no control over, however, these dates are known well in advance to allow optimal planning. Friday rehearsals will only be scheduled if necessary for choreography or cleaning of routines before performances and will be given at least two weeks in advance. 

How soon will we know the dates for the year? 

          After we receive any pre-booked dates of scheduling conflicts from our company parents, we will then send out a schedule for the year out via email in August. This gives dates for the entire year with dates for performances, competitions, and conventions. This calendar includes any fundraisers we have planned for the year as well as tentative dates for any performances and events. 

Will there be fundraising and what does the money go towards? 

          Yes, we do allow our Company students and families to fundraise! Our goal is to do one fundraiser every two months. All money that is fundraised by you will go towards the expenses (costumes, competition/convention fees) for the year. If all fees are paid, then extra money can help pay for expenses to travel to competitions or be used for the following year in Company. If your child decides to pull from Company before the year is over, any fundraiser money will be dispersed amongst the other dancers in your child’s company. Most fundraisers are optional. 

Will our child have end of the year performances? 

          With the transition to an only company studio, it does change what type of performances we will have. As much as we have loved the many productions throughout the years, we have decided to no longer continue putting on productions as a studio/company at this time. Instead, we hope to hold two big recital-like performances or banquets as big fundraisers for our company students. We would love to do one in the Fall/Winter and one in the Spring/Summer. The proceeds for this event will go towards our Company students to help with the expenses for the year.   

Do I have to commit to Company for the full year? 

          Yes, Company is a commitment for the year. We believe that determination and a persevering spirit is an important character trait to develop in our students even at a young age. This is developed into any person when they have to stay committed to something even when it gets hard, or they don’t “feel” to do it anymore. It allows them to push past a moment of feeling and push through. 

What type of fees come with company?

          All Company students will have a registration fee, monthly tuition, and costume(s) fee. These costumes are theirs to keep. The costumes are the costumes our company students will use for the entire year and worn for performances. All students will also be required to have a company t-shirt, sweat suit, and a jacket. Sweat suits and jacket designs will be in a style that will last for at least two years. These will be worn during parades and other events we are represented at. Competition fees, convention fees, and travel expenses will be other fees that will be required with certain company levels.

How many competitions and performances will their be?

Tiny tots: 1-2 competitons, optional convention, optional nationals

Mini’s: 2-3 competitions, optional convention, optional nationals

Juniors: 3 compeitions, optional convention, nationals

Seniors: 3-4 competitions, convention, nationals


          Our desire is to not only have opportunities through regional events, festivals, and competitions, but also opportunities to dance in different churches as a special service or guest. Many of our songs throughout the years have been songs of ministry and our heart is to have our students not only learn how to perform on a big stage, but also to those who may need some sort of encouragement. We hope to have these opportunities available to our students this year. 


I don’t know if I want to commit to Company, can I just take one or two classes? 

          Our vision for the change within the studio is for our students to have the opportunity to be exposed to dance and its many forms. The new system allows your child to be exposed to the many forms while building friendships with the other students within their company. This also brings unity and deeper friendships within these students because they are able to grow together throughout the year as a group. Therefore due to this change, we will no longer be offering classes on per class basis, however, you can contact our administrator to set up privates during non-company hours with our teachers.

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