A Letter From ALYSSE

The Journey & The New Season


          Over the past eight years, I have taught the children of Northwest Alabama, and for the past four years, I have had the privilege to be the director and co-owner of Alysse Nicolle’s School of the Arts with my husband, Brian. I began teaching dance with Jessica Turner in January of 2011 when she was the director of Grace School of Dance in Hamilton. In the summer of 2015, my husband Brian and I decided to open Alysse Nicolle’s School of the Arts. Since August of 2015 we have been honored to offer the arts for Hamilton and the surrounding areas.


As we began our fifth season, we are moving forward in a bit of a different way than what we have done, and we are excited about all the new possibilities with the change. This year we are transitioning the studio into what will be known as Alysse Nicolle’s Company. This transitions all the students within the studio into being a part of a company, rather than a select few. This allows all our students more opportunities within the year and allows the best possible growth as a whole.


          Our goal as a company is to create quality students who have great depth and understanding of the arts both on a performance and ministry level which will provide many opportunities for them both as a group and individually. Many opportunities that this new focus in dance can bring as they grow is scholarships to many dance groups and schools around the country. As they get older and move forward in schooling, dance can allow them the opportunity for scholarships at art colleges, universities, and even Ivy League schools.


 Our students are also trained in how dance is a ministry tool both as worship to God and can be used in ministry to bring healing and the love of God to people. And it creates character traits in our students that I believe set them apart from many other dance companies. We teach our students to be secure in being uniquely themselves and to know their true identity, which God only gives. We teach them to always love and encourage each other, and to never allow envy or comparison within their relationships. We teach them to be diligent, confident, hardworking and determined in what they do. This change we believe will allow greater focus on these goals we have for our students.


          This change allows us to create dancers who are very well rounded in their technique and training in the arts while allowing for priorities to be kept in line. We believe as a studio that the top priority is our personal relationship with God, then family, and then other things fall into line after that. With this change into company, we are committed to keeping these priorities in place. This change also allows for our students to build greater relationships within the classroom. I personally started dancing at the age of three, and I still have relationships with the people I grew up dancing with.


          The overall feel and yearly schedule will be different than what has been done in the past. We are focusing more on training within the art of dance, allowing for more performance opportunities for all of our students. This allows the opportunity for our students to grow and develop into great artists that will enable them to achieve great success. With this change into transitioning the studio into a company allows for our students to be exposed to many forms of dance in the same time they might have only had the opportunity to be exposed to one style. With creating our schedule structure this way it gives our students the opportunity to grow and develop as a class in these different forms of dance in a more strategic and faster growth developing way.


          We know this is a new and big change and will continue to provide more answers and clarity of what that will look like for your child individually, and as a whole. We believe this change will be wonderful and bring great growth in so many ways to our students.


          I want to thank you for all your love and support over the years. It has been an honor serving you all in the arts, and I am honored to continue to. We hope that you join us on the next part of our journey. We love you all.


Moving Forward,

Alysse Beasley


Alysse Beasley has served the city of Hamilton and the surrounding areas with her passion and gift of teaching the arts since 2010. She has had a passion for the arts since her first dance class at the age of three, and today encourages and develops other young people’s love for the arts as the owner and director of Alysse Nicolle's School of the Arts. Through her middle school years, she discovered her love for theater and has performed in several plays and musicals. Throughout the years she has studied with choreographers and teachers from around the world including Chicago, New York, and Italy. In high school, she traveled to New York for classes and intensives with several artists including the Radio City Rockettes. She continued her study of dance at Western Kentucky University, and was a part of their dance company. She has been heavily involved in many facets of the arts in dance and musical theater for the past 12 years. She has a true love for teaching, choreographing, and directing along with the excitement she has when she sees each of her students grow in the arts and succeed. Today she lives in Hamilton with her husband Brian, son Conley, and two daughters London Elizabeth and Evangeline.

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